Immersive Content and Usability is the first-ever book on immersive content and spatial content design, available now from A Book Apart.


Gatsby: The Definitive Guide

The first full book on Gatsby for developers ever to hit bookshelves.

Gatsby, the right way.

Everything you need to know about the Gatsby framework, from starters to source plugins, from static queries to schema customization, is in this O’Reilly book, Gatsby: The Definitive Guide. Buy now

Gatsby: The Definitive Guide

The first authoritative book on developing sites with Gatsby, available now.

What's in the book?

Gatsby: The Definitive Guide is your end-to-end teacher for Gatsby and the Jamstack, with full coverage to get you up and running quickly and all set for advanced requirements. Buy now

Part 1: Elementary Gatsby

  1. Gatsby fundamentals
  2. Core elements of Gatsby
  3. Adding features to Gatsby sites

Part 2: Data in Gatsby

  1. GraphQL and the Gatsby data layer
  2. Source plugins and sourcing data
  3. Programmatic page creation
  4. Assets in Gatsby
  5. Adding data-driven features to Gatsby sites

Part 3: Extending Gatsby

  1. Gatsby plugins and starters
  2. Gatsby themes

Part 4: Production Gatsby

  1. Debugging and testing Gatsby
  2. Deploying Gatsby

Part 5: Advanced Gatsby

  1. Advanced topics in Gatsby
  2. Gatsby internals

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