Immersive Content and Usability is the first-ever book on immersive content and spatial content design, available now from A Book Apart.


My books on content strategy and content architectures include the first titles on immersive and voice content, Gatsby, and decoupled Drupal.

Content in space.

Content everywhere doesn’t just mean on every device and on every screen. Is your content seamless across places both physical and digital? Immersive Content and Usability will get you there. Buy now

Immersive Content and Usability

The first-ever book on immersive content and spatial content, available now.

Gatsby, the right way.

Everything you need to know about the Gatsby framework, from starters to source plugins, from static queries to schema customization, is in this O’Reilly book, Gatsby: The Definitive Guide. Buy now

Gatsby: The Definitive Guide

The first authoritative book on developing sites with Gatsby, available now.

Voice content for all.

How can we make our web-biased content ready for voice? How does voice scramble our design and content strategy? Find out in my new A Book Apart book, Voice Content and Usability. Buy now

Voice Content and Usability

The only book on voice content, and A Book Apart’s first voice title, available now.

Decoupled Drupal, across the stack.

The comprehensive authority on decoupled Drupal, with a foreword by Dries Buytaert, who called this Apress book “a must-have guide,” can only be found in Decoupled Drupal in Practice. Buy now

Decoupled Drupal in Practice

The first and only comprehensive guide to decoupled Drupal, available now.

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