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Decoupled Drupal in Practice

The first comprehensive guide to decoupled Drupal across the stack.

Decoupled Drupal, across the stack.

The comprehensive authority on decoupled Drupal, and a foreword by Dries Buytaert, who called this Apress book “a must-have guide,” can only be found in Decoupled Drupal in Practice. Buy now

Decoupled Drupal in Practice

The first and only comprehensive guide to decoupled Drupal, available now.

What's in the book?

Decoupled Drupal in Practice has everything you need to know to architect and implement decoupled Drupal projects. Get the full-stack finesse and expert knowledge you need. Read an excerpt

Part 1: Decoupled Drupal fundamentals

  1. The changing web
  2. The server side: From monolithic to decoupled CMS
  3. The client side: From static to dynamic pages
  4. Decoupled Drupal
  5. Advantages of decoupled Drupal
  6. Disadvantages of decoupled Drupal

Part 2: Decoupling Drupal

  1. Decoupling Drupal 8 core
  2. Decoupling Drupal 8 with contributed modules
  3. Authenticating requests in Drupal 8

Part 3: Consuming and manipulating Drupal 8

  1. Core REST
  2. Using Views with core REST
  3. JSON:API in Drupal
  4. RELAXed Web Services
  5. GraphQL in Drupal

Part 4: The decoupled Drupal ecosystem

  1. API-first distributions
  2. SDKs and reference builds

Part 5: Integration with consumers

  1. React
  2. React Native
  3. Angular
  4. Vue.js
  5. Ember

Part 6: Advanced topics in decoupled Drupal

  1. The REST plugin system
  2. Contributed modules for advanced use cases
  3. Schemas and generated documentation
  4. Caching
  5. The future of decoupled Drupal

Praise for Decoupled Drupal in Practice

“A must-have guide to decoupling Drupal ... When you finish reading, I think you will agree that decoupled Drupal is an essential element of the bright future in front of Drupal.”

Dries Buytaert, Drupal project lead and Acquia founder

“This is a really great book. I’ve been reading blog posts by Preston, hearing him present, and asking him questions on decoupled every chance I can get and I’m so glad to have those thoughts in a physical form I can read through and consult whenever I have questions.”

Greg Knaddison, Drupal Security Team member

“I believe I have found my guide by picking up the book Decoupled Drupal in Practice ... I found Preston’s back-to-basics approach to be very helpful and it provided the context I needed. It allowed me to look at past projects and recognize how they were the beginnings of progressive decoupling. As I move further along in the book, I’m feeling more confident and finding my place in the decoupled conversation.”

Andy Olson, Senior Front-End Developer at Bounteous

“Covers pretty much everything you want to know about decoupled Drupal right now.”

Nick Selvaggio, Director of IT at American Diagnostic

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